Meet My New Best Friend

If my best friend could be an inanimate object, then I think the Glowforge might get the title. Since we got him (Ronald Raygun, for anyone wondering his name), I’ve spent many late nights in his company.

I’ve gotten quite a few DMs on Instagram about my Glowforge buying experience and my initial thoughts, so now that I’m a few months in I’ve decided to compile my answers here on the blog.

Our decision to invest in a laser came down to a lot of research, number crunching and a bit of spontaneity thrown in for good measure.

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Learning to Be a Little Nicer

As I sat down yesterday and reflected on what I wanted my goals for 2019 to be, the one thing I kept coming back to is that I need to work on being nicer to myself. Not because I've already mastered being nice to everyone else, but because a lot of my stressors come from the pressures I put on myself.

I find that I berate myself for a lot of things: not being a morning person and hitting the snooze button too many times, taking a night off and binging on a TV show or book instead of working, not answering your emails fast enough, leaving dishes in the sink, not filing my taxes on time (OK, this one I need to be berated for).

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Holiday Products Coming Soon!

Since I’m currently putting together the laser cut prototypes, I thought it would be more fun to put together a quick animation of the first ornament I’m launching: an octopus! I’ve always loved this little drawing and think that he will make a lovely addition to every Christmas tree!

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Let's Talk Websites...

I thought it would be fun, with this newest iteration, to look back on how far I’ve come with this website and this little company. So without further ado, enjoy this truly terrible trip down memory lane, courtesy of what I could find on the Wayback Machine.

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