Let's Talk Websites...

Oh hey there! I’m blogging again. We’ll see how long this one lasts, because you know I’m really not good at it.

If I did everything correctly, you shouldn’t be able to notice that I re-designed this website yet again. Are you feeling as tired with this process as I am?

For anyone keeping track, that means in the last few years this site has been: hand-coded, Wordpress, Squarespace, Shopify, Showit, and now back to Squarespace. It’s truly been exhausting. I might be a web designer by trade, but this is a lot… even for me.

I thought it would be fun, with this newest iteration, to look back on how far I’ve come with this website and this little company. So without further ado, enjoy this truly terrible trip down memory lane, courtesy of what I could find on the Wayback Machine.

Brea.Vie Designs - circa 2011

Before Wanderlove Calligraphy & Design and Wanderlove Press, there was Brea.Vie Designs. Brea meaning beautiful and Vie meaning life. It was when I realized naming a company was super hard, and finding one anyone could pronounce was even harder. But I thought I was being creative, ok?

The first sites were all hand-coded and terrible, and barely indexed by the Wayback Machine. Too many styles and images missing to give you a good glimpse at how bad it was.

So here comes this one from 2011, created on Wordpress, layout stolen from newly launched Pinterest. The background of these product pictures? A dress from Anthropologie. My photography skills haven’t changed much.

Wanderlove Press circa 2011 - Back when it was brea.vie!

Brea.Vie Designs - Circa 2012

Is that a logo? Text and a heart? Good thinking, Kelli. But honestly, other than the terrible photography (the screenshot was taken as the slider changed), it’s not that bad.

Wanderlove Press, circa 2012

Wanderlove Press - circa 2013

New name, same Kelli. But I’ll be honest, I don’t hate this one. I learned how to do onClick events and went to town with the filtering on the left. It does showcase each item nicely (too bad they are mostly just digital mock-ups).

I’m also starting to understand why my bank account didn’t grow all these years. Those prices are so cheap!

Wanderlove Press, circa 2013

Wanderlove Press - circa 2015

The hero image is missing from this screenshot, but I’m including it for one reason. Do you see it?

KELLI, I’M SO GLAD YOU FINALLY LEARNED HOW TO SPELL STATIONERY CORRECTLY. 🤦🏼‍♀️I’m sure it said “stationary” for the entire life of this design.

Wanderlove Press, circa 2015

Wanderlove Press - Circa 2017

This year saw TWO redesigns of Wanderlove Press. First on Squarespace and then over to Shopify. The first is just eh and the second one I’m not totally embarrassed by.. yet.

Wanderlove Press, circa 2017
Wanderlove Press on Shopify

The Current Wanderlove Calligraphy & Design

It might not look like much in the screenshot below, but the current design of Wanderlove Calligraphy & Design does a few things really well: it simplifies my offerings and process and showcases a lot of the beautiful photography of my products. Is it perfect? No website is! But does it make it easy to find the Sign Shop, contact me, and get information on what I do… I hope so!

Wanderlove Press - now

So that’s it! That’s all the Wanderlove and Brea.Vie sites (that I could grab). But now the question is.. does anyone out there remember that tree? The one where each branch was a different navigation menu item? Thankfully, it’ll have to just be a memory because the Wayback Machine doesn’t have it. Phew!

Let me know in the comments below which design was your favorite!