Introducing The Little Joys Collection

Two days after my son was born, we found ourselves on our way from the hospital, new baby strapped tightly into the car for the 45 second drive home. We got home, introduced him to his dog and cat siblings, and settled in for this new life of ours.

Lincoln's First Few Days

As we sat down, cuddling, relaxing, and enjoying every tiny inch of him, we realized that we were sent home from the hospital without one iconic baby thing. They never took his handprints or footprints for us at the hospital! And we realized that we didn’t have a baby book to actually put them in, even if we tried to do them ourselves (and a random piece of computer paper didn’t seem special enough).

So what did we do? We strapped that baby in the car and headed out for our first trip as a family of three, 30+ minutes away to the closest Babies “R” Us (R.I.P.) to grab one. We came home, and did the impossible task of trying to stamp his hands and feet into the book.

15 months later, I’m sad to say that barely any additional pages are filled out in that baby book—because I’m just not that put-together-Pinterest-mom (this is likely why we didn’t have one in the first place). But every day I watch him grow and change, and reminisce about that little guy we brought home from the hospital.

The need to cherish all of those little memories is where my Little Joys Collection was born from. I wanted to find a beautiful, unique way to cherish those little fingers and toes forever, something to make me smile and remember my sweet little boy each time I catch a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye.

Each piece can be engraved with hand or foot prints (or paw prints!) and is finished with baby’s name (hand lettered) and any information you want listed below, like birth date, weight, length, etc. The best part is - you don’t have to worry about sending those precious prints anywhere! Everything is shared digitally to keep those first prints safe and sound.

It’s my hope that you will be as excited about this collection as I am — I think it’s a lovely way to cherish those prints forever and to share them with your loved ones, too!