Holiday Products Coming Soon!

So while I said holiday in the title, I really meant Christmas. I’m sorry, guys, I know today is Halloween, but I’m just so excited about the products I’m developing for my winter holiday markets that I can’t help but move it along…

To Slow Down for a Moment

For anyone interested in a peek at my family at our annual holiday party, we dressed as The Goonies. Yes, I realize only one of us was an actual Goonie, and we were all just the best friends — but they deserve just as much credit as the leading men and women in my book! (I might be biased, but my little Chunk and Sloth are the cutest.) My son has a different, 80’s costume for actual trick-or-treating — I’ll be sure to share that on my Instagram stories sometime this evening.

Our Family on Halloween!

Back to the Holiday Markets…

My favorite part of the holiday markets has always been the custom ornaments that I’m able to offer. It’s so fun to create pieces right on the spot and in-person calligraphy makes my day so much more fun. I’m still working through all the shapes and details and offerings, but rather than just the wood slices, as I’ve offered in years past, I’ll have a variety of options to choose from.

I envision this all coming together as a custom ornament bar: 1. Choose your ornament. 2. Choose you personalization type (hand painted or laser cut). 3. Choose your method to receive the ornament (on the spot for hand-painted or shipped in 3 days for laser cut).

As I’m getting my stock together and creating all my prototypes (more on that process later), I decided to divert my attention for a bit into creating a quick animation of the first ornament I’m launching: an octopus! I’ve offered this guy as a print in the past and you’ve all enjoyed him so much, that I thought he would make such a lovely addition to your Christmas trees as well!

10-31_Octopus Gif.gif

The illustration was made in Adobe After Effects. I know it’s nothing special, but it’s one of the first animations I’ve ever put together and I like seeing this little guy come to life.

While he isn’t available yet in my shop — be on the lookout for him on Small Business Saturday! I’ll be offering his both in person and online! Excited? Let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll speed up his release.

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