2018: A Year in Review

The end of this year has me reflecting on the last 365 days (as it does to most people) — so I wanted to share with you some of the professional and personal highlights of the last year.


The beginning of 2018 saw me starting a new full-time job as a Marketing Manager at VPP — a job I had been dreaming about for 4 years (when I first interviewed there) and has lived up to all my expectations. With this job, I transitioned to working mostly out of my home office. My crazy little boy started his first day of daycare and I may have cried a few tears in the parking lot that first week.

Lincoln at Daycare — January 2018


Once again I was over at Tiffany’s in the King of Prussia Mall, calligraphing cards for their clients to share with loved ones on Valentine’s Day! It’s always so fun to introduce people to traditional calligraphy and make their cards a little extra special.


I started working on some really fun calligraphy projects, including a few envelope orders. Our little guy got to enjoy his first significant snow fall and the cute little snowsuit my brother gifted to him.

Lincoln_March Snow Day (1 of 5).jpg
Watercolor Envelopes by Wanderlove Calligraphy


I celebrated my 32nd year on this Earth (ah!) and the first one as a mom, We enjoyed a fun day at Storybook Land. I’ll let the video speak for itself how this day went!


Celebrated my first Mother’s Day, made some new products to add to the shop (for a very limited period of time) and finally started to find my groove balancing my priorities and commitments.

Tiny Human Tamer by Wanderlove Calligraphy & Design
Lincoln_Playing with Daddy (2 of 2).jpg


Finally started finding my niche and refining my product offerings. Created a ton of new farmhouse signs to get listed up in the shop, took down some outliers (like those mugs from the month before) and worked to refine the building and framing process. We grew, we made mistakes, and I had lots of dreams about the future.

Together is My Favorite Place to Be - Farmhouse Sign


My little guy turned one and we spent the day at the Philadelphia Zoo and enjoying the sweet, silly boy that graces our lives! And my mom retired — so there were lots of parties and enjoying the summer sunshine in July.

Lincoln's First Birthday


We headed up to the Poconos for a small getaway with friends and Lincoln’s first night away from our house (it was touch and go)! Makerfest prep was in high gear and we worked on new designs and styles to get everything ready.

Wood Sign_Circle Wander Lost (1 of 2).jpg


We went up to New Hampshire for Labor Day Weekend, celebrated my niece’s first birthday, had a lovely beach day with friends, and enjoyed representing Wanderlove and selling signs over at Makerfest!

Wanderlove Calligraphy at Makerfest
A lovely beach day!


I had a few business missteps and signs that didn’t seem to want to cooperate this month, which is always really difficult. But we turned it around and at the end of the month we decided to take the big step to order the laser cutter we’ve had our eye on for a while.

We also celebrated Halloween with our little Chunk / Elliott — and he just loved trick-or-treating!



The laser arrived and with it, lots of late nights cutting wood and assembling signs to get ready for Small Business Saturday and the Asbury Park Bazaar. The bazaar was our first back-to-back show and definitely a learning experience in figuring out inventory.

Together, our family celebrated Thanksgiving and prepared for our big trip to Disney in December.

You Are Our Biggest Adventure Farmhouse Sign by Wanderlove Calligraphy and Design


And last, but not least, the last month has been a whirlwind! Lincoln met Mickey for the first time and we went on our first, real family vacation. Every other spare minute was spent creating and shipping out dozens of signs to get to their new homes and under Christmas trees.

Lincoln and Mickey Mouse
Our family at Disney World
Lincoln on Christmas Morning
This is your life and it's ending one minute at a time Farmhouse Sign

And now, on the last day of the month, I get to dream about what the next twelve months will bring. My hope is that it’s as happy, and fun filled and that I get the opportunity to cherish as many wonderful moments as I did in 2018.

Here’s the a wonderful year, both professionally and personally!

All videos in this review are by my talented husband. These and more can be seen on his YouTube channel.