Because I'm Happy, Happy

My paintbrushes have been busy lately and have apparently been rather obsessed with bright pops of color and the word happy. I blame it on the spring weather I'm hoping will show itself any day now. Goodbye 28 degree mornings, hello flowers blooming and birds chirping!

As I've mentioned before, my goal this year is to expand my brush lettering offerings and holiday card lines. Since birthdays are pretty common (everyone has at least one a year!), it was quite sad that, at the beginning of this year, my birthday line consisted of just one meager card I created ages ago. With four now, I wouldn't say it's robust... but it's getting there. And honestly, I'm super excited (you know it's real when I add the word super!) about the two newest additions. I guess you could even say I'm happy, happy.


That one, up there, is one of my favorites to date. It's versatile and can be used for almost any happy holiday - but it's the pops of color that have my heart swelling.

For the next one, I'll fess up that in real life, I'm not a balloon person. But there's something about drawing them and placing them on a page that gets me in a celebratory mood.

Both cards are now available in the shop and are ready to ship next day to make it to your door in time for your loved ones' big day!

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