I Love You To The Moon and Back

Normally, when I take out paints or pull out my calligraphy supplies, I have an aim or new product in mind. And usually, within about 20 minutes I'm frustrated and ready to pack it in (and a lot of times I do). It sometimes feels like I throw out more pieces of paper than I ship out. 

Because I'm not an artist, or particularly good at drawing or sketching. I say this not to elicit sympathy, but because first things first, I'm a realist. (Okay, add not funny to that list.) I know my limitations. 

To the moon and back

But I'll admit I have my moments and last night was one of them. I'm so happy with how this painting came out and the little card I made from it.

I wasn't planning on putting out a new card so close to Valentine's Day, and with the time crunch I may not sell a single one of these. But if your love for someone is the equivalent of 477,800 miles (twice the distance to the moon)—which is a whole lot in my book—consider picking one up from my shop today!

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