My Favorite Invitation of the Year

2015 was a strange year for me professionally, so as the year closes out, I find myself a little sad; my freelance work took on a giant shift towards the other arm of this business: website design and creation. I worked with some wonderful companies to get their stories presented on the great, big World Wide Web, but in doing so, found myself with less time to work with brides, grooms, and party planners, a part of my business that has always been the most fun.

This year's portfolio of paper is looking a little light (promise to self: 2016 will make up for it). However, it contains one of my favorite invitations, created for a stylized photoshoot I was involved in over the summer. It's the first completely hand-lettered invitation I ever made and is one of the first pieces that started a large shift in the rest of my paper goods.

I don't believe I've ever shared this one, so I'll slide it in right before the year is out. Enjoy! And have a safe, and happy new year!

Hot air balloon wedding invitationHot air balloon wedding invitation

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