Creating a Wedding Website

A few days after our engagement, before any other plans had been made, I saw the domain was still available—thanks Mom and Dad for spelling my name oddly—so I forked over the $12 to GoDaddy, mapped it to my HostMonster account and installed Wordpress on the site in preparation of creating a wedding website at some point.

The Design
I knew I wanted to keep it simple and was hoping that I could find a free theme that I didn't need to spend a lot of time editing; I do that in my daily life for freelance clients and was hoping to make things easy on myself. When I stumbled upon OneEngine, I found just that.

It's a one-page, scrollable site with a slick interface, the Layout Builder, for adding sections, images, counters, and a variety of other widgets.

Creating a Wedding Website - Step 1

The Content
Our day will be out-of-town for 100% of our guests, so my goal was to incentivize them to use our website as the main resource for information and updates. (Yes guests, you've walked right into my master plan!) To do this, we kept our invitations very simple and pointed to the website for things like the actual timeline, accommodations, and to RSVP.


Creating a Wedding Website - Step 2

Since there are so many different options of where our guests can stay—hotels, homestays, B&B's and more—I wanted to help everyone make their selection. To do this, I added a counter that I manually update as guests RSVP. As you can see, we're patiently waiting for more people to RSVP!

Creating a Wedding Website - Step 3

Our RSVP form asks all the important information, but probably my favorite part is reading the answers and notes people have written in the Anything Else? field. It ranges from actual questions to well wishes to wanting to know if Cher is going to make an appearance on our big day.

Creating a Wedding Website - Step 4

Our breakdown of costs—not including time—is very simple:

Hosting Account: $5
Domain Registration (yearly): $12
I'd estimate we saved about $200 in paper, printing, and postage costs had we decided to include all the information on insert cards instead. So not only am I happy with how our wedding site looks, I'm so excited to know we can put this saved money towards something else that will make a bigger impact on our day.


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