It All Started 5 Months Ago...

Don't mistake my radio silence for lack of designs, events, and things, in my life. Rather, they might explain it a little better! It seems in the past five or six months my freelance commitments have tripled (leaving less time for wedding designs unfortunately) and my personal life has gotten so much more exciting. Let's just say, 2015 is going to a whirlwind of a year!

But I'm getting a little off track from the original purpose of today's post, and that's to share that we're engaged (Brad and I.. duh)! It's actually been 5 months, so this will come as no surprise to any friends and family that are loyal readers of this occasionally updated blog. But for those of you who don't know, it happened and in just under another 5 months we'll be getting married! Yes, we're planning this whole thing in 10 months (more on that later).

Engagement Photos in Pennsylvania by The Hursts Co.

So how did it happen? Every year Brad puts together a video of all the film he's shot from the previous year. It's a highly anticipated little movie in our house and among some of our friends, as it's such a fun reminder of how much we've grown over the past year. Last year's (2013) video took Brad until August to finish, much to my chagrin and impatience. But when it was finally done, he and I watched it one night as a preview, knowing that in a week or so we'd watch it again with a few friends.

So when our friends came over to watch it, I already knew the whole video. I knew how it started, the parts that would make me laugh hysterically and the parts that would make me cry; I thought I knew the ending. But after the final fade to black, the picture suddenly came back on and there was Brad, on the screen, saying funny things and sweet things, and really, just perfect things, until he passed it over to his live self to do the important part.

But I can do more than explain it, I can share it with you. My very talented fiancé—such a weird word to actually say—put together what we call our Official Trailer. It's only a short glimpse of his proposal (his real video was much longer) but I can't help but watch this every so often to remember this wonderful day and the sweet, hilarious, loving man I'll soon call my husband.

Photo taken at Ridley Creek State Park in Newtown Square, PA by the ridiculously talented Krista Hurst (Hurst's Photography).

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