Welcome to the New Wanderlove Press Website!

Welcome to the New Wanderlove Press Blog!

Hi all! Exciting news that you've probably already noticed - I launched a new website! 

If you're a frequent WLP visitor, you've likely noticed edits and tweaks each time you visit. I know it can get confusing. The goal with this new site is to drastically cut down on that part of the operation and start worrying more about what matters: great content, great products, and great customers (that's you!). But, in the interest of honesty, I'm a web designer by trade, so I can't promise to lay off the coding. I just promise that it'll all be done with a purpose.

The new Wanderlove Press shop is built on Shopify, a much more robust e-commerce platform than the last few iterations of this website. I'm hoping it'll benefit us on the backend and give you a much better user experience. This means you'll have an easy time finding the products you love, while also discovering products you didn't even know existed. It also will allow Brad and I to streamline our shipping process, freeing him up for more podcasting and video making and me to focus on lettering, envelope calligraphy, and designing stationery.

Over the next few weeks I'll be finding my groove over here on the blog. I have ideas for some constant weekly features and a few other big updates to share. My goal is to start sharing with you more of my process—and that of other creatives. I hope you'll follow along!

So take a browse around, sign up for our newsletter, and let me know what you think. I'd love your feedback on the new shop—your thoughts can only make us better!

PS. My 30th birthday is a few short weeks away - gah! In "celebration" of this, use the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY between now and the last day of April for 10% off your next order. 

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