It's Okay to Alter Your Dreams

I've become retrospective as my 30th birthday comes crashing towards me at a breakneck pace, thinking about all the dreams I've dreamed over the years. At first, looking at this metaphorical list, it's quite unfulfilled. I'm not a veterinarian, soccer player, actress, author, or journalist. My revised adult list is looking pretty unfulfilled as well (hello student loan payoff which still isn't crossed off.)

So, I'm a failure, right? (I've decided no.)

It's okay to alter your dreams

It's not that I haven't accomplished my dreams, it's that I've changed them over the years. I never dreamed of being a web professional—which I am by day—or an entrepreneur or a stationery designer or in the wedding industry. I never imagined that my words would be given on holidays, hung on walls, and cherished for years to come. 

That's something special. To be proud of. And I am. 

So I hope as you look at your own checklist you can find that silver lining that maybe what you thought you wanted to accomplish, or needed to accomplish, and haven't, really isn't your dream any more. 

And if you need a reminder, I made the illustration above into a free art print (for a limited time only) download it, print it out, and hang it up as a daily reminder. 

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