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In the interest of full disclosure, I'll share that the first creative professional I wrangled into chatting with me is my husband. Start with what, or who, you know, right?

Brad is the creator, host, and brains behind the Jurassic Park Podcast. Almost a year into the podcast's creation, I've seen first hand the hours of time and focus he puts into the podcast each and every week. He's created a full-blown community out of (what I thought would only be) a niche audience. In his interview below he discusses what goes in to each and every podcast, says some nice things about me, and makes a subtle reference to Kid President.

Let's start with just the basics: 
Where are you from: 
New Jersey
What do you do: I run a weekly podcast dedicated to Jurassic Park.
What’s one thing you can’t live without: Not cool Robert Frost… How can you limit me to one thing?? If I say my wife, that means I can’t have my dog and cats. If I say my dog, that means I don’t have my wife or cats. If I say my cats, that means I won’t have my wife or dog. Not cool, so in this instance that best fits this spotlight, I will say all of those things and of course Jurassic Park.

Brad Jost from the Jurassic Park Podcast

Why and how did you get started with The Jurassic Park Podcast?
Well I started The Jurassic Park Podcast because I have been a huge fan since 1993. I’m also an avid listener of podcasts with topics ranging from film & TV commentary, comedy, theme parks, science, & philosophy. I wanted to create an outlet for fans of the Jurassic Park series to come on and talk about the 4 current films in the series. Jurassic World opened in June of 2015, so I finally decided to start recording a few weeks before the film’s release. I’ve been recording, editing and releasing episodes each and every week since!

What does your typical process look like?
My episodes release every Monday, so I try to have all the content finished up so I can release the episodes by 12:00 A.M. EST. Throughout the week, I look for current news from the film series, which may include director, composer, producer or cast news, exhibition updates, Hasbro toy releases, or even just dinosaur/paleontology news. Depending on the week, I will poll our Internet followers on questions or community topics related to the film series for me to read off during the show. I also compile any listener emails or voicemails for a segment devoted to such topics on the podcast.

The biggest part of the podcast is collecting interviews with people from the Jurassic Park community. I hold interviews via Skype, record them and add them to the show just about every week. I try to keep the guests and topics diverse, interviewing those who do great work in the community. We’ve talked about the films, the cast, video games, the future of the franchise, the soundtracks and much more.

Once Sunday rolls around, I am basically in front of my computer all day. I have to script out the episode with intros, news, other speaking segments, and outros. I then record myself as the host of the podcast, with all the prior scripted out segments. Once that is completed, I sit down for a few hours to edit, which means compiling all the audio cues, editing my vocal recordings, adding the interviews and inserting any soundtrack elements behind the spoken sections. Once midnight comes around, I make sure to upload the episode to iTunes along with any links and our show notes.

The Jurassic Park Podcast

What’s one thing that you’ve learned from creating your podcast that you wish you knew when you first started?
Well this isn’t exactly what I’ve learned, but what I’ve obtained. At the start, I didn’t really have the equipment that I do now. That’s not to say equipment is everything, as you can certainly produce great content without it. I’ve sat in my car with my phone and earbuds and recorded entire episodes. I’ve even brought my computer to work and sat in the car during lunch to edit episodes.

Over time I’ve gotten a great mic for recording myself on every episode, I moved into a new house where I can record in seclusion in the depths of my basement studio, and I’ve purchased great software for recording interviews. I’ve certainly learned how to use everything now at my disposal to record and edit in the quickest and simplest way possible.

What is the biggest struggle in being a part-time creative professional?
Time. Finding the time to put together all the elements can be tough. Gathering all the news, recording myself and interviews and editing can be very time consuming. It’s definitely tough to balance this hobby and everyday life.

What’s been the highlight of your creative career so far?
I think the highlight has been meeting great people in the community. There are so many great people that love the Jurassic Park films, like I do, and I love talking with them every single day. I’ve even gotten the chance to meet in person with a few of them. I’ve absolutely made some great friends over the Internet during this past year.

What advice would you give to someone who is just starting out?
Literally just follow Nike’s & Shia LaBeouf’s slogan and Just Do It. Dumb I know, but it’s true. I sat around for years wanting to make a podcast dedicated to this film series. I guess it was a mixture of nerves and doubt that stopped me from doing it for years, but once I released that first episode, nothing else mattered. It doesn’t matter what equipment you have or where you record, just get up and do it!

Jurassic Park Podcast

Dream big - in a perfect world, where would you see like to see yourself and your podcast in 5 years.
In about 5 years we’ll probably be seeing the end of the Jurassic World proposed trilogy, so that will definitely be sad. I certainly expect to be doing this the entire time. Of course it would be great to have some big time guests on the podcast, including directors and cast. At the time of this answer, we still have over 2 years until the sequel to Jurassic World, so it’ll certainly be a long road between films, but I look forward to meeting new friends and strengthening the listenership

Where can we find you on the Internet?
I might as well go through the entire spiel I do at the end of each episode: If you want to interact with us, we do most of our work over on Twitter: @JurassicParkPod. We're also on Facebook at facebook.com/jurassicparkpodcast and our Instagram handle is @jurassicparkpodcast.

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