Building a Craft Show Booth

Over the last year, I've been doing my best to explore new marketing ideas to get my cards in front of non-Etsy shoppers. Aside from sending out wholesale letters and fixing up our website, the biggest endeavor has been heading out to local craft shows to display our cards and meet with people in our local area. As we've gained more experience, we've also seen our setup change:

Wanderlove Press Booth Setup

After getting our feet wet at a few shows with these simple setups, Brad and I have been chatting about ways to better organize our display to make browsing much easier. After scanning through loads of ideas on Pinterest we settled on building walls with shelves that would allow people to walk up to and pick up cards. Now.. to make it. 

But first, a preview of the finished product.

Craft Show Booth Setup

Supplies Needed: 

When buying the doors, make sure you get the unfinished interior slab doors without pre-drilled holes for hardware. Oh, and make sure you measure your car to ensure they will fit! They just about fit in ours, as long as I pushed the passenger seat all the way forward and sat with no leg room. It was a tight squeeze!

The molding can be purchased by the foot and cut with a basic hand saw. We made each shelf four inches smaller than the width of the doors.

The longest part of the process was painting and waiting for it to dry. Oh, and using a drywall patch and joint compound to fix the large hole caused by the door falling onto a camping chair at just the right angle when we went out for a late night ice cream run. I wish I was making this up.

Hole in the Door - Whoops!

Once the doors were painted, dry, and patched up, we carried them into the house to affix the hardware and do a dry run. I always like to set up our booth the night before and take pictures of where everything goes - that way the day-of setup is a total breeze.

We laid the 36" door on the floor with the other two doors on top and affixed two hinges on each side. 

Creating a Craft Show Display

We added Command strips to the back of each shelf and then measured to make sure they were centered before sticking them to each door. It's a two person job if you, like us, don't want to be bothered with pencil marks.

Once that was done, I spent some time figuring out a good layout for each item to maximize the space. Most of the decorative items are pieces we have around the house that we'll grab as filler items. The chalkboard is from Michael's and was a total steal at $12 (with coupons!), so I grabbed that to quickly write out a special for the show.

Creating a Craft Show Display

And that's it! Pretty simple (minus the whole hole fiasco), right? I see this booth as being very versatile for a variety of show types (craft, bridal, etc.). We'll likely add another shelf or two and some little signs for better organization, but I love that people can walk right up to it and grab items off the shelf to get a better look.

Creating a Craft Show Display - Wanderlove Press

If you have any questions about the booth setup, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them. I'll do a recap of the show and what I learned in a few days that should hopefully better explain the bridal shower process.

Oh, and please don't mind that terrible carpet in our house. We're still in the process of moving in (10 months later) and will one day get rid of that!


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