Because Every Day Should Be Mother's Day

Brush lettering for Mother's Day by Wanderlove Press

My husband and I joke around that every day is a day. There's National Puppy Day, National Grilled Cheese Day, and so many other made up days it's impossible to keep track of and plan for. Honestly, I don't know who starts these days or how they become so popular on social media so quickly. 

I kind of hate it. My husband really hates it, so I like to torture him with what day it is, but otherwise, I think it's pretty stupid. We shouldn't need a declared day to celebrate the things we love (be them puppies, grilled cheese, or whatever else).

But, I love Mother's Day and Father's Day, because they are celebrating huge, momentous milestones and the impact these people have on our lives. And if I'm going to acknowledge National Grilled Cheese Day, I better acknowledge the two how gave me life. Because, you know: Mom and Dad > Grilled Cheese. 

I like thanking my parents on these days (or, in the case of this blog, the next day). For their support, their guidance, their band-aid applying skills, and for knowing when to hold my hand and when to let it go. But at the same time, I hope they don't need a special day to know how loved and appreciated they are. I hope that I show them that in every word, every action, every day of my life.

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