Find Adventure in the Everyday

Find Adventure Art Print - Hand Lettered and Illustrated

I have a constant itch to travel, to strap on my backpack, find a sitter for my pets, and head out to explore new lands and immerse myself in languages I don't know. Traveling is when I feel most the most confident, and the most insecure.

I wish I had the means, the time off from work, the money, and the no strings lifestyle to gather pages and pages of stamps on my passport. There is not a country I wouldn't visit (though I'll hold back from hitting up the really unsafe ones right now).

But sometimes, real life gets in the way. And it's those days/months/years that I need to stand back and realize that though I'm not immersed in a new culture, I am still learning and experiencing and stepping out of my comfort zone. Sometimes, that's enough. And sometimes, it has to be.

Image: Find Adventure in the Everyday Art Print from the WLP Shop!

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