Reach for Your Daydream

Reach for You Daydream - Hand Lettering by Wanderlove Press

It's Monday morning. We can choose to either burrow further under the covers or get up and make the most of today. As comfortable as I was this morning, my dreams are waiting and my daydreams are waiting to become reality. So while you'll find me at my full-time job during the day, you might notice the desk light in my home office will be burning all night this week.

Lots of fun projects in the works: two website re-designs that are about ready to go live for two separate medical offices, finishing up a 1st birthday chalkboard and getting that over to my customer, working on a custom logo order, designing a custom birthday party invitation, and shipping out lots and lots of stamps and greeting card orders. The latter because it's almost Father's Day and it's wedding season, and I couldn't ask for a better (and busier) time of year! 

Luckily, this past weekend gave me plenty of time to work on designs and get a bit more organized than I have been. The weather was less than beautiful and we were tethered a bit to the house while Brad had a few interviews and got ready to celebrate his 1 year podcast-iversary. (That's a thing right?) More on that later, because I think that deserves it's own post and recognition.

I did find a few spare minutes to break out my pens and paint and make a few quick little motivational prints (preview of one at the top of this post). It needs a bit of cleaning up, but it'll be an art print available in the shop soon. Anyone need a last minute graduation gift? 

(Penned with Tombow Dual Brush Marker, Pentel Precise V5 Pen, and Watercolors)

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