A Watercolor Map of LBI

Every once in a while a client comes to me with a request that pushes me as an artist (but I'm always up for a good challenge). Jamie and Ted's request for a watercolor map of the north end of Long Beach Island did just that. 

Watercolor Map of Long Beach Island
(Photo credit: Shannon Wellington, Shannon Wellington Weddings and Events

Long Beach Island is 18 miles long, but only half a mile at it's widest point - so capturing a proportional representation of the full island would mean that the important details and points would have gotten lost. Instead, Jamie and I decided to focus on the area from Harvey Cedars to Barnegat Light, where all of the wedding festivities would be taking place. 

Each icon and all the calligraphy were painted and lettered individually before I scanned them in, cleaned 'em up, and then worked on the layout in Photoshop. This allowed us to tweak the positioning and sizing (and sometimes even the coloring) of each item without the need to repaint the entire map.

Watercolor Wedding Map of Long Beach Island, NJ

I'm so in love with the final map we developed for Jamie + Ted's wedding. It was given to guests to help them navigate the island and all the different festivities - but I can totally see it being framed and hung on a wall to remember their beautiful day(s) for years to come. 

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