Design Evolution: Into Her Arms Wood Sign

The end of 2016 was a flurry of craziness for this small business. From September on it was full steam ahead and all on hands on deck preparing for clients' fall and winter weddings, holiday orders, craft shows and festivals, and an all together crazy Macy's opportunity/experience. 

The rush made me so proud of my small business, but also ready for the break I decided to grant myself between Christmas and New Year's. Though I still did some work, I'll admit to sleeping too late, binging on too much TV, and consuming way too many peanut butter cups.

I'd love to, at some point, chronicle the craziness, the lessons I learned, the overall hustle of those months (and year), but I'm making no resolutions—since you've seen how terrible I am at them—to do so. Instead, I just wanted to drop in to share the very last project I worked on in 2016. 

Into Her Arms | Custom Wood Sign by Wanderlove Press

This one shipped out on December 30th, and because it was a rush order, I did spend some of my time off working with the client to make sure everything was just right.

Each custom sign starts as a sketch so that my client's can look it over and make any layout changes needed before I make the actual sign. For this sign, we tried a few different lettering styles before settling on the the simple script.

Wood Sign Sketches by Wanderlove Press

So that's how this sign came to be and how I finished up 2016. Here's to the new year and a bright, shiny outlook in 2017!

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