Instagram Round-Up: What I've Been Working On

Happy Sunday! I think I've sufficiently proven that I'm a terrible blogger. Instead, I find myself putting time and effort into posting regularly on Instagram and sharing a glimpse at my process and thoughts over there.

So, while I find my footing over here and finally figure out what the heck to post, I'm going to at least do a weekly round-up of my latest projects and provide some additional details outside of my short captions. 

Blue & Pink Floral Engagement Invitation in Watercolor by Wanderlove Press

My cousin-in-law (I've decided that's a thing) and his longtime girlfriend of 10 years are finally getting married (!!!) and asked me to help out with the paper goods for everything leading up to their big day. My paintbrush went a little wild as I was coming up with ideas for them, so I ended up with quite a few floral watercolor samples to show off. 

Pink & Peach Floral Engagement Invitation in Watercolor by Wanderlove Press

Watercolor Wreath Engagement Invitation by Wanderlove Press

Sometimes, I feel like I overdo it when I'm designing. I keep adding and adding until I get frustrated, trash everything and start over. I think that's why I like this simple wreath invitation. It manages to make a statement and provide a focal point without being too much. 

Watercolor Engagement Invitation with Greenery and Hand Lettering by Wanderlove Press

I love that in the end Lauren and Dan chose this design; it was definitely my favorite of all the options. That bit of greenery was fun to paint and digitize and really pops off the page when printed. 

Watercolor Greenery and Hand Lettering Wine Bottle Labels by Wanderlove Press

Plus, this design is so versatile and made perfect wine bottle labels. I love them almost as much as I love the wine that is inside that pretty little bottle. Almost.

Woodland Wedding Invitations with Forest Greenery and Hand Lettering in Watercolor by Wanderlove Press

Usually when I start designing an invitation, I'll doodle a layout on paper before sitting at my desk with paints and brushes and getting everything down on paper.

As I was creating this invitation for a styled shoot (I'll be sharing that at some point soon), I decided to try something a bit different and created this greenery entirely through the Procreate App on my iPad using a Wacom stylus. There were some limitations—that's a post for another day—but it was fun to try out a different medium and push my boundaries a bit.

It was such a timesaver to create everything digitally, as it removed the scanning and editing in Photoshop and Illustrator part of the process which can sometimes take me hours. But, it'll never replace watercolor and a brush for me, as there is something so organic about the effect true water and paint make on the paper. 

So that's my weekly round-up. If you have any questions about anything I've shared, leave a comment here (or in Instagram) or shoot me an email to

Have a wonderful week! 

Kelli from Wanderlove Press

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