Lettering on a Glass Trinket Box

Calligraphy and hand lettering aren't just relegated to paper. In fact, more often than not I write on untraditional surfaces. Scroll through my website or Instagram and you'll see a variety of glass, acrylic, wood, rocks, leaves, shells, and more with my calligraphy on them. If there's a somewhat flat surface, I'll find a pen, nib, or marker to write on it with. 
Glass, however, is often one of my favorites. I use a variety of pens and nibs depending on the look I'm going for, so I would recommend testing out what tools will work best for you! In this video my husband edited together, I'm writing on a glass trinket box with an acrylic paint pen. 

These little boxes are perfect bridal party gifts or a gift to a bride from her groom. If you're interested in ordering one, leave me a message in the comments below or shoot me an email to kellI@wanderlovepress.com.

If you have questions on writing on glass (or anything else!) let me know that too! 

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