Little Boys Should Never Be Sent to Bed | Peter Pan Quote Wood Sign

Little Boys Should Never Be Sent to Bed Wood Sign | Wanderlove Press
Somehow, sleeping next to me, is a three month old little boy who has made my life more happy, more fun, and a bit more sleep deprived and hectic. And I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I've learned to cherish the days, both the good and the bad. Right now, I'm spending most of my time reveling in his firsts and wishing for time to slow down, because I know someday he's going to be too cool for me and not into cuddling and spending every waking moment smiling at my crazy antics. (Next time you see me, ask me about the no pants party song!)
This has translated into a little less time for calligraphy, as I learn to balance my time between my family, my full-time job, and my side hustle. But I'm getting there and have been working on so many fun, interesting jobs and projects since getting back to work—like the above sign commission, which couldn't have been more fitting to ship out this week.
In the coming weeks, I have some amazing projects to share, a revamp to some of my product offerings, and what I'm hoping will be a large part of the future of Wanderlove Press. And.. sneak peek.. I'll be offering my first ever Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale! I can't wait to spill the beans on everything.. but until I'm ready, you can find me staring at the smiles of my quarter of a year old little guy. 

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