Lincoln's Birth Announcement

A couple months before Lincoln was born, I started working on his birth announcement. A bit premature, sure, but I knew that doing it ahead of time would let me send out something unique without missing out on the snuggles. (Though I still didn't get these out all that quick and have a few more to send - sorry family!)

Illustrated Baby Announcement by Wanderlove Press

Making it ahead of time meant that I needed to do a bit of extra lettering, since we didn't know his birth date, weight, or length at that point - but it was still easier to create everything before and have it on hand to drop in once I was ready. No procrastination here!

My process was to start out by drawing the overall layout and elements with paper and pencil before taking a picture and bringing it into Procreate on my iPad. I illustrated each individual element on there, before exporting everything to Photoshop and ultimately bringing it into Illustrator to vectorize, tweak, and lay out on the page. 

Even though Link would be the star of the announcement—his picture for the back was taken by the amazing Amanda Brehm—we wanted to make sure all of our babies were included. So, I drew up a few little doodles of George, Asher, and Griffyn (in age order from top to bottom on the card). The overall design was made to match the thank you notes that I created after my baby shower, just to keep it all uniform.

Illustrated Baby Announcement by Wanderlove Press

There was a lot of tweaking before I sent these out—I'm my own worst critic—but it was a lot of fun to explore a slightly different style than usual and work on something so personal for my little man. 

A big thanks to Amanda Brehm Photography, she took the best pictures of Link. If you're in the Jersey Shore area, be sure to look her up!

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