Painting a Simple Wood Sign

With The Makers Festival just around the corner (September 17th in Manahawkin, NJ), I've been thinking about adding a few new lettering pieces to my shop, specifically pieces on wood and acrylic. So while walking through Michael's the other day, I spotted a small wood sign for $2 and grabbed that to see what I could do with it.

Our Adventure Begins Wood Sign — Wedding Decor by Wanderlove Press

It was a bit of trial by fire as I figured out the best way to letter on this, and I learned a big lesson for next time: sanding is key. I didn't sand this sign at all, so the various paint pens and brushes I tried kept getting snagged on the uneven surface. Next time around, I'll pull out some sandpaper and smooth out the lettering surface a bit to prevent that from happening. 

Tools used: Wood sign from Michael's, white acrylic paint, #2 round brush

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