The World Isn't Always a Kind Place

In my last blog, I talked about small kindnesses and brightening someone's day, about paying it forward and letting people know they matter. But guys, the world isn't always pretty. Life isn't wrapped up in a neat little bow. Rainbow shitting unicorns don't actually exist. 

Life is messy and ugly. And sure, I understand the whole philosophy of needing the highs to understand the lows. I try, more often than not, to find the light at the end of the tunnel and the silver lining. But, have you ever had a moment where, when you're the receiver of kind words and understanding, you are silently screaming in your head? No, you don't understand. No, it doesn't feel like it will get better. No, time isn't going to heal this wound. Stop being nice and tell me the truth: This. Fucking. Sucks. 

Because kind words can only go so far. There are times when I'm sorry just doesn't cut it and we need to be a bit more real, more raw, more uncensored. 

Fuck this shit.

So yes (mom), this card that you may have seen pop up on an Instagram post a few nights back is real. It does exist and it is up in the shop. My hope is that people look passed the curse words to the real meaning. 

And just a quick note from my high horse about curse words. I was not brought up in a liberal household where we said these words as children, but these words have become part of my family's vernacular.  

These are just words, composed by letters, with sounds and structure. Someone in history determined that these words should be feared, that somehow they are worse than other words. They aren't. While words can at times be slaying, unlike knives, they only have that power because we as people give that to them. And in this case, these words don't hold that power for me.

PS. As an add on to my aside, you may want to watch this monologue by George Carlin.


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