Wedding Welcome Map

At the end of last summer, I was contacted by a bride getting married in Aspen about creating a map of Aspen and Snowmass Village that she could include in welcome bags left for guests. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of the process behind this map with you. 

Wedding Map of Aspen & Snowmass | Wanderlove Press

We spent a few days going back and forth on the overall layout and points of interest, deciding what locations and roads were important to the area and their day. With my list in hand, I heavily consulted Google Maps, as well as the bride's knowledge of the area, to make sure my sketches were as geographically accurate as possible.

Once sketched and approved, I used gouache to paint the overall map (with the exception of the background color which I later added digitally). Gouache gave me the ability to keep everything relatively opaque but add lots of little details. 

The actual painting of this map was done on 11 x 14 paper, while the printed piece is only a 5 x 7 card. So after scanning in the map and cleaning it up, I used Photoshop to manipulate pieces to fit the smaller format, changing the overall angle of the main road and even how some of the labels cut through the road lines. 

Both the bride and I were so excited with the end result. It's a perfect little graphical representation of all the important places of their big day. 

From start to finish, these maps take 3-4 weeks to complete — so if you're looking for something similar, be sure to plan ahead. Shoot me an email to with any inquiries!

If you have any questions on this map and how I painted it, I would be happy to share more details. Leave your question in the comment section below! 

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