What I Used to Write on Driftwood

Remember that map of LBI I recently shared? On top of some lovely paper goods we put together, I got to work with Jamie and Ted on signs for the day of the wedding, including these driftwood directional signs.

Calligraphy on Driftwood | Wanderlove Press

I used Dr. Ph. Martin's Bleedproof White ink, mixed with just a bit of water to thin it, and a round #2 brush to paint the lettering on each sign. While I use paint pens for a lot of my signage, in this case, a brush gave me a lot more control over each letter and didn't snag as easily on the uneven surface.

Calligraphy on Driftwood | Wanderlove Press

It's a slow and steady process - but I love the results. I really will find a way to write on (almost) anything. 

Need some tips, or just want to share some love. Leave me a comment below! 

Kelli Arruzzo Jost

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